A downloadable game for Windows

A group of students explore the mysterious 6th floor, rumored to have never been set a foot on by anyone ever since the public opening of the university.

Some can hear faint, echoing cries heard through the locked door. Even footsteps and laughter. No one knows what really happened there but the curious group intends to find out.

Credit to Myuuji for the starting background music: "memento".

Read about my experience while making the game here: http://krisplays1.wix.com/mysite#!Floor-6/cgla/55ab407c0cf25466c2a3ba85


Floor6Game.zip 38 MB


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Pretty cool stuff.

Hi! I played your game, I got the key and was able to get out of the office. After that, I went through the big doors and the game ended. Is that all this game have or am I missing something? I recorded my gameplay and haven't uploaded it since I might've missed something.

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Hey there, thank you for playing and recording my game! Yes, this is all this game has, but I may plan to release a "part 2".