A downloadable game for Android

Experience the awkwardness of a blind date in Virtual-Reality. With the new capabilities of the Gear VR headset, Veronika will be able to tell where you're looking, and what you're looking at... 

Controls: Stare to interact and tap to skip dialogue

Install instructions

Install on android device


VRDatingSim_V3_OVR.apk 31 MB


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Thanks for the experience.

Have a good one.


vi prego di mettere la lingua italiana vi prego 😢

eh sai sarà difficile che lo facciano, di solito questi sono sviluppatori indipendenti e non è che trovano facilmente in America persone che parlano bene l'italiano e disposte a tradurre tutti i dialoghi e i testi nel gioco, poi certo di solito ma non sempre


Can you make it so I can tap because I don't have a vr device?

it says vr not phone

but you put it on mobile?

hello,my phone has a pretty good gyroscope but the game doesn't react when I move it,please help


wait nvm I don't have a samsung


Hi, the game actually works fine on the quest. Do you mind releasing it on Sidequest?


Guessing you've figured out you can use Sidequest to open and sideload apks from your computer folder (IOW that aren't available in the SideQuest Browser, itself) into the Quest.


Yeah, but that wasn't the question. It would be a nice addition to the Sidequest library to have it in Sidequest without having to manually go to itch and download an apk.

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Right, but that wasn't the overall point, which is that literally one or two extra steps clearly hasn't killed you, and it's also good for incoming noobs to know they can/learn how to use SideQuest to sideload apks that aren't on SideQuest.

Actually, a better point is that this app runs terribly on Quest and shouldn't even be bothered with.

Would you consider adding Daydream support for those of us that don't have Samsung phones? 

Same control scheme, but I get it's work.

or vive ;)